Friday, July 20, 2007

Detective Work

OK - because this is fun to do (even though I know I'm not unique), here is a list of some of the search terms that brought people to good ol' Hodoeporicon here. I've also noted why I think the search engine led them here. It's time to do some detecting, dear Watson. ;)
  1. pictures of goofy looking mounted police - I believe this would take them to this post. Gotta love Mounties who let you keep your beer!
  2. my nephew september wedding can i wear a black cocktail dress - Well, "nephew" is easy. Do a search for "Thing 1" & you'll see how many posts there are about him. I was in a wedding in October, and went out for a North End dinner in a black cocktail dress in November!
  3. "cardboard box costume" car - I was a UPS package for Halloween. :)
  4. blueberry season pei - from blueberry picking on PEI last summer. This is wicked easy.
  5. how to exorcise a ghost - Another cake walk.
  6. boston yach club - Hmmm. Here's my best guess: jaunt to Castle Island.
  7. let no one sleep opera - Another easy one.
  8. "tuba""josh bernstein" - OK, the Josh Bernstein part is clear. But tuba? You guys, I'm stumped.
  9. i noticed him enjoying pretzels at various times - Uh, what? I did mention pretzels in this post, but that's the closest I can get.
  10. duddingston village scotland - Not too hard: this is the village where my Scottish buddies live. I posted a pic here.
  11. scottish men - I'm sure there are plenty of references to these. ;) This is probably the specific post, though.
  12. grammy terrapass - As you know, my gram died in May. I blogged about Terra Pass in April.
  13. kilts - Definitely this post!
  14. whitey bulger - I have no freaking idea.
  15. - Why not just type this into the browser?
  16. "irish bartender" burren - I toyed with leaving my number for the Irish bartender at the Burren last year, but decided against it. ;)
  17. EASTOVER - My visit to the Berkshires to meet Nick's parents in February.
  18. i bought a pair of shoes at the liquor store lyrics - Again, completely stumped. I like shoes & I bought a bunch last summer, but beyond that, I got nothing.
Have a good weekend, everyone!


Rachel said...

you do realize today is Friday the 20th, not the 27th, right?

Carl Weaver said...

I did a couple similar lists:



Carl Weaver said...

Okay, let me try again:

Stacey said...

Duly noted - and changed, Rach. Thanks. ;)

I'll be sure to check out the (good ) links, Carl!