Thursday, August 17, 2006

I Lied About Being Done

OK, so I lied. I am almost done with the vacation photos, but I just wanted to wrap things up neatly. Here is how Thursday-Monday went down:

Thursday night - Murray, his ex-girlfriend/current girlfriend Angela (she went from one to the other almost daily), Brad & I headed down to the beach for a bonfire. I try to squeeze one of these into every vacation. It just doesn't seem like PEI unless I spend at least two hours sitting on an upturned fish tub, gripping a Schooner, and staring into a fire made of driftwood & lobster traps. :)

The next day, my parents & I spent lots of money shopping in Charlottetown. I will post pictures of some of the cute things I bought another time. Then, we headed back east to Orwell for my cousin's 50th birthday party. It was a great party. There was fiddle music (above),

dancing (my mother & cousin above), drinking, and much merriment with my MacPherson cousins. They are a big, tight-knit, and party-loving clan. My parents & I caroused with them for four hours, then crept home around 1:30 a.m.

On Saturday, we were up not-so-bright-and-early to do some more shopping in Murray River. Then, we dug up some blueberry buckets & headed for our family's land in Culloden. My grandparents bought my grandfather's aunt's farm there many years ago & they used to spend their summers there before the house was moved. We still own the land & visit every year to pick blueberries & reminisce about our family's history there.

Saturday night, my parents, my friends & I drove out to Oyster Bed Bridge to see the stock car races. My parents are friends with one of the drivers (who vacations in New Hampshire), so we went into the pits to say hello to him. Towards the end of the races, Brad, Murray & I took our leave & headed into town to do some carousing at the bars.

We got to our motel room, dressed ourselves up (more me than the boys) & headed out to Peake's Quay. This is a huge bar/club right on the water in Charlottetown, with a big deck & a big crowd of drunken 20- and 30-somethings. It was weird for me, as it was the first time I was in that kind of situation since chopping off my hair. The haircut makes me feel boyish, so I wasn't sure how I would feel surrounded by cute guys. In the end, no one declared their love, but no one ran away screaming either, so I'd say it was a successful night. ;)

For details of the rest of our Saturday night & Sunday, read this. I hope you guys enjoyed my vacation recap. If you didn't, well, phooey on you.

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Hooker said...

I wanted to try to grow blueberries this year. I slacked and didn't try shit.

Those little bastards are expensive.