Sunday, July 22, 2007

7 Random Things about Me

Londongirl tagged me for this awhile ago & I somehow missed it! It's been harder than I thought to come up with 7 random things, mostly because I did this list this year. But I'll give it a shot. :)
  1. I love stars & the number 3. When my college friend Natalie told me she thought 3 stars were a good luck charm, I knew we'd be good friends.
  2. I picked a crab apple from one of the trees at the museum on Saturday. I really want to eat it, but I'm afraid it will give me a tummy ache!
  3. The three TV shows I'm currently wild about: Scrubs, Man vs. Wild, and Ice Road Truckers.
  4. I wish it was still possible to run away to sea.
  5. Two of my favorite books are about women who find their happily ever after in their late 20's & manage to do so while still being entirely themselves. ;)
  6. I'm leaving for my annual vacation to Prince Edward Island in 3 days (see ticker at the bottom of the page) & I'm nearly peeing myself with excitement.
  7. (I stole this one from the previous list b/c it's so funny!) I once accidentally dyed my stomach blue by wearing a hand-dyed blue tank top on a hot day on PEI. I then went to a party with my friends (wearing a bathing suit) & at the end of the night, all of their white shirts had blue stains from my drunken hugs.

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londongirl said...

Hope you're having a fab vacation.

Loving your blue top story.