Friday, September 29, 2006

Happy Friday!

Sigh. I love Fridays. The work week's winding down, people are in better moods & you can really start looking forward to the weekend. I can also wear whatever I want to work - hence today's jeans, sweater with tweed elbow patches & Converse sneakers. :)

Plus, I had a present in my inbox today - wedding pictures! Remember my friends Iain & Sarah, who got married in Edinburgh on September 15th? Well, Sarah sent me their Snapfish photo album & I pinched more photos from my friend David's page. Here they are, for your Friday viewing pleasure!

Remember what I said on Wednesday about liking men in kilts? I would have been in heaven!
David & Stevie goofing around before the wedding. I miss those nutty lads.
David, Sarah & Iain at the hotel: post-ceremony, pre-reception (you can tell because David doesn't look drunk, or "mullered," yet)
Requisite cutting the cake shot
Requisite first dance shot
David & Stevie, dancing happily together (and thus clearly mullered)
Iain & David dancing together (also mullered)
Awww. How sweet do they look? Congratulations again, Iain & Sarah! I promise a trip home to Edinburgh by your 1-year anniversary!


Sarah said...

aw i love this! last year my cousin got married and even though it was in Connecticut the groom and his groomsmen all wore kilts of their family's tartan, and the bride had her "Stewart plaid" wrap. And the wedding music was all Scottish. it was really cute.

Stacey said...

That sounds lovely! I don't know if I can get my phantom future husband to wear a kilt, but I've definitely got some Scottish ideas for my own wedding. Tartan ribbon around the bouquet, sprigs of Scotch thistle as boutonnieres for the groomsmen, etc. :)

Hooker said...

Nice to meet you for two seconds on Saturday. Sorry I didn't hang out. I was getting our equipment taken care of.

I want a damn kilt dammit.