Monday, October 30, 2006

Spooky Stories

All right, kids, I have been waiting a full week to write this one. Inspired by Jenny of Jenny Sais Quoi, I decided to post a ghoulish story or two for Halloween. I don't have many of my own, so I'll be using stories from my beloved & very haunted city, Edinburgh. Here are my favorites, borrowed verbatim from Edinburgh's Capital Guide 2003-2004. Enjoy!
  1. "The Treaty & The Roast" - To say that the Treaty of Union, which passed control of Scotland's political affairs over to England, was unpopular with the Edinburgh Mob would be quite an understatement. The whole event was being pushed through by noblemen like the Duke of Queensberry who were being very highly rewarded for their betrayal of Scotland's desires, with both titles and silver aplenty pouring in. The people of Scotland had not forgotten the past raids by, and wars with, their southern neighbors and had no desire to be in union with them. Thus it was that, when news spread that the treaty was to be signed that night, the Mob took to the streets, roaming the city in search of the signing place, so that they could forcibly put a stop to the event. Knowing this was likely to be the case, Queensberry took his entire house staff with him for protection, bar one young kitchen boy, left to tend the roast on the fire, which was to be their feast when they returned home, triumphant. However, what they returned home to, after betraying their nation, was a terrible and macabre sight. For the Duke had an idiot son, long since believed dead, who had been imprisoned in a darkened room since a young age and had grown to a much larger than normal man, described as a "giant." With his normal guard away with his father, the son had escaped his prison and, finding his stomach empty, followed his nose to the kitchen. There, he had discovered the roast and the terrified boy and, deciding the roast itself was not to his taste, he had flung it aside, murdered the boy with his bare hands, and was busy feasting on his partially roasted body when his family returned.
  2. "The Drummer Boy" - A passage was supposedly found underneath Edinburgh Castle and the City Council was concerned about the obvious security risk. The opening, however, was extremely small, and thus a young boy . . . . was sent into the tunnel to investigate. The elders then followed the boy's drumming from above ground as it led them down the High Street. What they hadn't thought through was what exactly they intended to do if the drumming stopped, which it abruptly did just next to the Tron Kirk. Should they send another boy down to see what became of the first? What if they met with the same fate? They didn't have an inexhaustible supply of boys to keep sacrificing down the tunnel. So the Councilmen, in their wisdom, decided just to block up the tunnel to prevent anything coming out of it, leaving the boy to his presumed fate. Apparently, to this day, on quiet nights, a faint drumming can be heard beneath the High Street just near the Tron and one tourist in 1994 fainted on hearing this story, having moments before been wondering what that funny drumming noise she kept hearing was.
  3. (This one is my favorite) "What Was It?" - In the area of the Botanic Gardens over a hundred years ago, a strange and solitary man lived at No. 17 in a well-respected street. His only caller was a charwoman who would twice weekly come to his home to bring him his provisions. After his death, the charwoman locked the house tight and it lay empty for years, until stories began to circulate of late night parties on the upper floors, overheard by the residents of numbers 16 & 18. But no one was ever seen to enter or leave the house. The talk abated after a while, until it was mostly forgotten. Then, in the early throes of World War I, the house was completely gutted and converted into a guesthouse for an English couple, who then moved in to run the house. The first signs that something was not right came when two different chambermaids claimed to hear voices from an attic bedroom, but upon entering, found the room empty. The room was generally not used, because of these unnatural occurrences, until the guesthouse came to be overbooked and a young married couple were given the keys for the attic room. On approaching the door, they heard voices and assumed they had been given the wrong room number, so rang the bell for service. An old woman by the name of Mary Brewster responded and entered the room to prove there was nobody in there at all. But as soon as she entered she let out a shattering scream and it was the last sound she ever made. She was found rigidly clinging to the bedpost, staring straight at the ceiling in terror, and although she lived on, she never spoke another word. News of this reached some local students and one, Andrew Muir, finding his curiosity overpowered his fears, determined to sit alone in the room one night, with two bells, one small and one large. The small bell was to signal anything unusual happening, while the large bell was to be a call for aid to the owner, who was sitting in a downstairs room. At 10 pm, Muir entered the room. After only ten minutes, the small bell was rung vigorously, immediately followed by the panicked clanging of the larger bell. The owner flew up the stairs, and flung open the door to find Muir literally frightened to death in his chair, staring up at the ceiling.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Halloween Party Pics

My friends Natalie & Micah have swings in their attic - how cool is that?

They decorated their attic with cobwebs, pumpkins, fake rats, black & orange keg cups, and of course, the piece de resistance - the Beirut table!

Natalie as Punky Brewster, Graham as the Operation Man, Sarah as a cave woman. Everyone is entirely sober, as you can tell.

Natty & I take a moment from the Beirut game for a pic

Ta-da! This, my friends, is how you "sexy up" a cardboard box costume. ;)

I decided not to post any pics of Nick as a UPS driver because I don't want him getting into any trouble at work. Let me tell you, though, ladies, my UPS guy was very handsome! We're spending actual Halloween (Tuesday night) with my parents, sister & brother-in-law and baby W, who will be dressed as a cow. Can you think of anything cuter? I'll post those pictures on Wednesday.

Friday, October 27, 2006

At Long Last

OK - so, here are the pics from the Silent Service show at Great Scott on Wednesday night. I know you've all been waiting in breathless anticipation (I delude myself, pay no attention). ;)

Lead singer David Fernandez

Guitarist Shaun Dempsey

Bassist Tyler Pollard

Dave & Shaun

Band onstage

In addition to the pics, Nick suggested I take some video of the boys playing. I took about 3 minutes worth of their song "Carolina" and uploaded it to my Myspace account. Check it out. :)

An Apology

I know, I know. You signed onto the interweb last night & excitedly went to While the page loaded, you eagerly anticipated great pictures from Silent Service's show on Wednesday night. This was a reasonable expectation, beause I had promised them to you. Alas, dear readers, I disappointed you & I'm sorry. ;)

I tried to get online at Nick's apartment last night, to no avail. We have to create a new wireless network for my computer at his place, but didn't have time to do so last night. (SIDE NOTE: Since I'm a total nerd, I think this is a bigger step in the relationship than leaving my contact lens case there!) However, I promise that I will deliver the photos tonight. I'll be at my parents' house & I know I can get onto their wireless network with no issues. In the meantime, here is a link to Silent Service's latest video. It's the cat's meow. :)

P.S. Speaking of big steps in the relationship, Nick is accompanying me to NH this weekend to meet my parents. Talk about scary stories! I'm really not that worried, though, as my parents are great people & Nick's very easy to get along with. We're also going to a Halloween party at a friend's place on Saturday night. So I promise a picture post on Sunday! Have a great weekend, kids.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Answer to Book Meme

Well, I bet no one guessed it, although Sarah did make an effort. :) The name of the book is "Winged Sandals," and it was written by an author named Lucien Price. He published the book, an account of his travels through Europe, in 1928. How's that for obscure - and strangely fitting, considering "Hodoeporicon" means "an account of a journey"? ;)

I went to see a friend's band, Silent Service, last night. I'll post the pics a bit later tonight!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Random Book Meme

I had no idea what to post tonight. I was going into some lame bit about how the heat in my apartment just got fixed & yay for radiators! But, I noticed a fun-sounding book meme on Kate's blog, (via Anastasia's blog). The instructions are pretty simple:
  1. Grab the nearest book.
  2. Open the book to page 123.
  3. Find the fifth sentence.
  4. Post the text of the next 4 sentences on your blog along with these instructions.
  5. Don't you dare dig for that "cool" or "intellectual" book in your closet! I know you were thinking about it! Just pick up whatever is closest.
So, here we go:
". . . official punctilio and expecting a row), and not many days later came a chance to tell them so. In the train to Milan, the Denver people turned up in our compartment. 'This being a train to Italy,' said I, 'we take it that your passport is rectified.' 'Yes,' replied the gentleman in a weary tone, 'all there is left to do about it now is to kill the consul when I get home.' "

(The whole idea behind the meme is that you guys get to guess the book. However, mine is really, really obscure. So have a go if you want, but I'll give it to you tomorrow.)

Monday, October 23, 2006

Halloween - Solved!

Take two plain cardboard boxes:
Add UPS shipping labels:
And a hot UPS man:
And you've got my Halloween costume! That's right, Nick & I will be spending Halloween '06 as the UPS man and his delivery package. Although I'm not sure how I feel about being referred to as his package. A little too masculine, if you hear what I'm saying. Perhaps his box has a truer ring. ;)

At any rate, I think it's a fantastic idea. I got it from this website. Nick actually already owns the important pieces of clothing. As for my costume, I still have boxes kicking around from my move in September.

I was initially thinking of wearing one big box from neck to knees. I even browsed Nick's friend's moving boxes looking for a perfect fit. However, perhaps it's better to go sexy with it. How can one "sex up" a cardboard box costume, you ask? I'm thinking one smaller box for my torso/chest, one bigger box for my hips (with a tube top & skirt underneath), fishnet stockings, and heels. Any other ideas, kids?

Saturday, October 21, 2006

10 Shopping Days Until Halloween

And I have no clue what I want to be. Plus, the Halloween party Nick & I are going to is next Saturday, which only leaves 7 days to figure this out!!! I'm officially in panic mode, people.

My problem is that I always want to have the kick-ass Halloween costume. Not necessarily the one that everyone at the party loves, but one that I think kicks some serious A-S-S. To wit, here are my costumes since 2000:
  1. 2000 - flapper (knee-length dress, black feather boa, long string of beads, dangly earrings, and thigh-high stockings with a flask of whiskey tucked in the top)
  2. 2001 - gangster (fedora, button down shirt, wife beater, suspenders, big pleated pants, water gun & cigar)
  3. 2002 - cowgirl (tight jeans with a small American flag & a small Texas flag pinned to the rear pockets, button down shirt, suede & turquoise belt, cowboy hat, boots, and floor-length suede coat)
  4. 2003 - Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt (blue fabric wrapped into a toga, silver Greek-type shoes, silver leaves in my hair, plastic sword, and bow & arrow set)
  5. 2004 - naughty librarian (knee-high boots, argyle stockings, wool skirt, slinky black satin top, red lace bra peeking out, grandpa cardigan and glasses)
However, last year, I phoned it in & recycled the gangster costume:

I've felt guilty all year. ;)

Nick & I were also thinking of doing some kind of "couple" Halloween idea. I don't want to do the typical "pimp and hooker" kind of thing, but I'm getting stuck thinking of clever costumes. We can always recycle two of my former costumes to be a gangster & flapper combo, but something new would be fun. I'll keep thinking about it, but any advice would rock (Sarah, you're the Halloween goddess. I'm thinking of you here . . . ).

Friday, October 20, 2006


Quick post to update on Blogtoberfest. Long story short, it was a great time! Jenny did a wonderful job planning it & took lots of pictures. Go check them out. The one above is my favorite, because I look waaay too excited, like "little kid who ate too much candy" excited. :)

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Boston Love, Baby

I'm torn tonight - there are two major things I want to blog about. Blogtoberfest is tomorrow night & I'm eagerly anticipating seeing Jenny & Jayne & Jason and meeting Sarah & Erin & Erin(ire) & Tom & everyone else. Let the Boston blog nerdery commence!

Well, I guess that took care of my dilemma. I wanted to mention Blogtoberfest, then move on to another topic & I guess I just did. Sometimes I amaze myself. ;)

So on to the other thing. I saw The Departed last night. Dating a boy who lives in Southie motivated me to see it in the theater. SIDE NOTE: Observe that I said "a boy who lives in Southie," not "a Southie boy." Nick grew up in Berkshire County - almost as far as you get from L St. & still be in the Commonwealth. However, he does live in Southie now & loves it. The picture above is one he took.

Dating him has opened my eyes to the edgy charm that is South Boston. It's like Dublin or Glasgow - beautiful & historic, yet someone could get stabbed. ;) Either way, I'm falling in love with it & was eager to see Martin Scorsese's take on its notorious Irish gangs. Most people I know were expecting the movie to be a cross-breed between Goodfellas & Mystic River. I'm not sure that's really the best way to categorize it - but I did like the movie.

Leonardo DiCaprio's Boston accent was much more respectable than I had expected it to be & wonder of wonders, Alec Baldwin was funny! Nick's only complaint with Jack Nicholson was that he was so . . . Jack Nicholson. But I think he pulled off kingpin Frank Costello (partly based on Whitey Bulger) pretty well. In the end, it helps to be from Boston to get the movie. Which is why I'm recommending it to you all, not some random-ass Yankees fans. ;)

Monday, October 16, 2006

This Time Last Year . . .

"This time last year" is a game I play sometimes to gauge how life is going. Not that I'm completely obtuse & can't tell on my own, but I think it's an interesting way to compare where I am now with where I was then. So let's give 'er a spin, shall we? This time last year, I was:
  • Working at the same company, but in a different capacity. NOW: I'm happier with what I'm doing.
  • Living in The Square, which was lovely. NOW: I think I like the new place better. It's more peaceful & the parking is 100 times better.
  • Awaiting my nephew's spring arrival & not yet "Auntie Stinky." NOW: Clearly, having a cute little chubby-cheeked munchkin of a nephew is much better!
  • Still unsure which graduate program I wanted to apply to. NOW: 100% sure & in the process of applying.
  • Dating a man who had just moved out of my apartment & back to his parents' house in western NY because he wasn't ready for such a commitment. (That should have been my first clue, right?) NOW: Dating a man who can't take his eyes off me and who makes me feel happier & safer than I've felt in a long time.
Looks like October 2006 just kicked October 2005's ass. ;)

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Weddings are Fun!

What a great weekend. :) Despite the car drama of Friday (which led to my missing the wedding rehearsal altogether), things have gone well this weekend. I was able to meet up with the wedding party for the rehearsal dinner in Plymouth, then headed north to South Boston to meet Nick. When I got there, we went out to Lucky's Lounge in Fort Point. Nick loves this bar & hadn't been in quite awhile, so he was tickled that I liked it. We had one of those great dates when you can't quite take your eyes off each other, despite valid distractions like the baseball game & the great band at Lucky's.

In the morning, we rolled out of bed around 9:30 & I started getting ready to head back south for the wedding. Nick grabbed coffee & breakfast from Joseph's, like usual (I love that I have a "regular" coffee place in Southie already. I mean, I'm just glomming onto Nick's coffee place, but whatever!). I left for Plymouth around 11 to check into the hotel (view from our window above) & start getting ready for the wedding festivities.

Since I was in the bridal party, I didn't get to bring my own camera to the ceremony or reception. I'll write a better wedding post when I get pictures from the girls. The whole experience was great fun. It was lovely to see my girls from college (and guy friend Mike) and to see Erin happily married. We had a great time partying with the groomsmen & friends of the bride & groom at the hotel after the wedding, too. Here are two of the pictures I did get of our somewhat trashed hotel room:

(Nick was actually at the wedding of one of his friends in Brookline, so we were texting back & forth about our respective weddings throughout the day. My favorite was his 10:30 pm text: "Wanna dance?" Awww.)

Friday, October 13, 2006

Drama, Drama, Drama

Today has been living up to its reputation as Friday the 13th. My car has been leaking coolant for awhile now & I've been putting off getting it checked. Then, it started overheating. Again, I put off getting it checked. Today, I heard a pop that I was afraid was a head gasket cracking & I was forced to bring it into a garage. Luckily, there's a garage near my office whose head mechanic was one of my grandfather's auto students back in the 1980s. I know he'll take good care of my car for me.

However, since I have to be in Plymouth for a rehearsal dinner tonight at 5 & my car won't be ready until Monday, I had to rent a car ASAP. Thank God for Enterprise, who is picking me up at 3:00. I'll be away for most of this weekend - rehearsal dinner tonight in Plymouth, then back north to South Boston to spend the night with Nick. Tomorrow - I have to be back down in Plymouth at 1:00 for photos at the bride & groom's B&B, then I'm staying overnight with some friends down there. I should be able to post from home on Sunday. Expect wedding pictures! :)

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Recapturing a Feeling

This has been a hard post to put to bed. Not because the subject matter is particularly poignant (though it is), but because I've spent at least an hour looking for the perfect photograph to express my thoughts. I think I've done it. Thanks, Kate, for the photo of Newington Street at sunset.

As any of you who have read this blog even once know, I studied in Scotland in college & fell very deeply in love with the country & with the city of Edinburgh. More particularly, I fell in love with that time (fall of 2003). I spent my 22nd birthday in Edinburgh & that time felt endless. Far away were thoughts of senior theses, graduation, apartment rent, or getting a real job. The world, and this new city, was very rich & open with possibilities . . . and we seized them.

I remember crisp afternoons wandering through the cobblestone streets of the Old Town, nipping into bookstores & Goodwill shops and treating ourselves to a cup of coffee from the police booth & a wander through the Meadows afterwards. There were a few idyllic afternoons spent roaming over the high grass of Arthur's Seat & Holyrood Park. Some nights, David would "borrow" his hotel's van & take us all for a nighttime drive around the park. We'd stop at some high overlook & just gaze at the city below.

But the nights I remember most (kind of) were the nights we spent just going out & having a wonderful time. Edinburgh is a city of choice - you can while away the evening in a dingy hole-in-the-wall pub, an exotic nightclub, or a comfortable pub room lined with old books. The walks home were the best, though. We strolled home along quiet old streets, sometimes with a gaggle of friends & laughter, sometimes with just a close friend or two. We clutched our styrofoam containers of the best chips & cheese in the world close to our chests & inhaled their tantalizing scent. Even though the night was winding down, just walking home in that city could be an adventure.

I almost got that feeling back tonight. I went to Harvard Sq. to meet some current & former co-workers for drinks at Daedalus Pub. After an evening of great ale (Sam Adams Oktoberfest) & conviviality, we spilled outside to the street. I noticed a pizza place still open & bidding my friends good night, ducked inside for a slice. I was a little buzzed - just enough to feel like life wasn't pedestrian for the moment. I watched a little of BC beating Virginia Tech on the pizza joint's TV while I waited for my monstrous cheese slice to warm in the oven. I paid my $2.62 & stepped out into the night again.

My car was parked about 5 blocks away, Harvard Sq. parking being what it is. I've never minded, though, because I don't go for nearly enough walks as it is. I strolled along the side streets of Cambridge, clutching my styrofoam container of pizza to my chest. I couldn't wait & bit into the slice as I walked along. The night air was a little chilly, but not bad. I was comfortable in a long-sleeved shirt, tweed blazer & scarf. All of a sudden, there it was. That wonderful, painful nostalgia, mixed with excitement about being out in the city at night.

Exulted, I called the boyfriend, who was at the BC game, to try to convince him to meet me somewhere for a drink, a walk, something, afterwards. It was a silly idea, as both of us have to be up early in the morning - me to work, him to help a friend move. To his credit, he did offer to meet me at his apartment if I wanted to see him. But that wasn't the point. I do want to see him & I will see him tomorrow night. It's not his fault for not understanding, I didn't explain that the point was being out in the city at night - and sharing that feeling with someone you care about. I've done so before with him on long walks in Southie & we'll do so again.

Is it possible that me, a self-proclaimed country mouse who just moved back to the 'burbs, might really be a city lover at heart? Hmmmm . . . food for thought, I guess.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Boo for Being Sick, Yay for Boyfriends!

So I've been sick over the last few days. I caught this nasty devil cold from my dear sweet nephew & therefore cannot be horrible about it. The devil cold hit me on Monday night when I was tutoring a student. All of a sudden, my nose became Niagra Falls. Ugh. I ended up staying home from work today because of it, giving me a much-needed excuse to linger in bed until 1:30 pm. That's right, I said PM, kids. My lazy self will sleep late whenever I can & it's been slim pickins lately.

The upside to being sick is that people will take care of you. And by people, I mean the new boyfriend, who probably thinks I'm nuts after seeing me all wacked out on cold medicine last night. But being the dear sweet boy he is, he braved my plague germs & came over last night to celebrate my birthday a few days late. He brought these items (in no particular order): a container of chicken noodle soup, a container of chicken broccoli pasta (both from Neillio's), a bottle of Pinot Noir, a box of cookies from Lakota Bakery, and my birthday present, which was a framed picture that he took. I've said it once & I'll say it again - the man takes good care of me. :)

Oh, and before I forget: HAPPY 8-MONTH BIRTHDAY, BABY W!!!
May you always be this enthralled by watching a balloon. Actually, I take that back. If you were 35 & still staring at balloons this way, we might have problems. ;)

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Birthdays Rock

Yay for 25th birthdays! :) Here's how my birthday weekend has gone down so far. After my friend's mini-bachelorette party on Friday night (in PROVIDENCE - a 2-hour round trip - for no particular reason!), I spent the night at the boyfriend's place in Southie. Left for NH Saturday morning & got my hair cut up here. After a bit of a visit with the fam & the cutest baby in the world,I headed over to my alma mater to see some friends. I stopped briefly to take pics of my senior-year house,
and one of the nearby lakes,
then headed to the college to catch the alumni rugby game:
The game was fun - saw old friends, met some new people, enjoyed a beautiful day & played with puppies!
Morgan and Hamly
Donna and Sadie
Back to my parents' house for dinner & gifts with the family (including one very cute little boy in his PJ's).
I got a beta fish for my birthday! I like this picture because I look like I've never seen a fish before in my life. ;)
The big gift was a brand new laptop (on which I'm posting now). I think the dog is as excited as I am here.

Today is my actual birthday & it's been lovely so far. Woke up around 7:15 & played with the baby this morning. Then, my mother made pancakes (from a mix that was a gift from my ex-boyfriend's family last fall. Yes, the ex-boyfriend who got married yesterday. I love that my mum is as perverse as I am). I've been playing with the new laptop much of the day, in between fielding birthday calls, texts, etc. from friends. And of course, the new boyfriend both called & left a comment on my Myspace page. Here's to a successful 25th birthday! :) You can see the rest of the pictures here.

(On a completely unrelated note, someone in England found my blog yesterday by searching for "elbow patches edinburgh." I love it.)

Friday, October 06, 2006

New Computer!

NEWS - My new birthday laptop came yesterday. So I'll likely be blogging in the evenings now instead of during the day.

Looking forward to this weekend - having a drink tonight with the bride & other bridesmaids, then meeting up with the boyfriend. :)

Driving up to NH tomorrow morning to see an alumni rugby game at my alma mater, then birthday dinner with my family. Sunday is my 25th birthday! :) Hope everyone has a great weekend & I'll catch you on the flip side.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Mumble, Mumble (Yawn)

Hmm - what? Despite 3 cups of coffee, I'm more than a little groggy today. Why is that, you ask? OK, I'll tell you. ;)

Last night, I headed over to BB's place & he cooked dinner for us - steak, mashed potatoes, gravy, and asparagus (Side Note: The man made the mashed potatoes & gravy by himself. He is a keeper, ladies). After drinking some beers & watching TV with his roomie, we headed to his room to watch "Raiders of the Lost Ark" from bed. So of course, we didn't get to sleep until about 12:40 am, after Indiana Jones had finished saving the world from the Nazis. We did, however, have "the talk." Yours truly is now officially off the market, fellas. :)

Lovely evening, of course - but getting up at 5:30 the morning after did not make me very happy. My company volunteered to answer phones & take pledges for WBUR's current fund-raising drive. And we had signed up for the 6:15-9:00 am shift! BB (whose real name is Nick, by the way. I should probably call him that now that he's my actual boyfriend) always gets up that early for his job, but I was less than enthused. I definitely support the work that WBUR does & didn't mind doing the work at all, but I'm never at my best at 5:30am!

Now, I'm at the office until 5:30 pm, then tutoring from 6:30-9:45! Man, when I drag my tired self home tonight, I'm heading straight for bed. I may wake up in my work clothes & heels, but I think it will be worth it!

I've Hit the Big Time Now

That's right, I've had my first ever Universal Hub mention, about yesterday's post, "Dunkin' Dreams." How hot is that? :)

So, welcome, Universal Hubbers. Today's real post will be up in a little bit. You won't know what I'm talking about, though, so feel free to browse around & get to know me!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Dunkin' Dreams

Can I just say, my love affair with Dunkin's is getting deeper & more meaningful by the day? I was so pleased when they offered medium coffees for 49 cents a couple of weeks ago. Imagine my surprise & excitement when they did it again today!!! I think the company must be focusing on cementing New Englanders' loyalty before their big push into the rest of the United States. Either way, it's working. I heart DD's. :)

(Picture above is courtesy of the Georgia Youth Soccer website.)

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Social Networking - Oh My!

I tried to hold out, I really did. I joined Friendster in May of 2003 & swore that would be my only social networking site. I was faithful, in the beginning. I stayed on, loyal & true, while other friends rushed to Myspace en masse. But finally, in March of 2006, I yielded to the tempation & joined Myspace. In order to make a clean break, I dumped ol' Friendster entirely (even moving my blog to this site) & focused on my Myspace addiction.

Things were fine for awhile. I was loving Myspace, Myspace was loving me back. I found hundreds of old friends, one or two old flames, and even a new flame. I'll still think of it as my first true social networking love. But lately, new & tempting sites have been wiggling seductively in my direction.

At first, it was just My Scottish friends were on there, so I figured it was harmless. They ignored their Myspace pages, so I reasoned this was the only way to socially network with them! (A desperate woman can convince herself of anything)

But today, all reason & logic aside, my resolve finally crumbled. I did it, folks. That thing I said I would never do. Yes - I joined Facebook. If you're in a deal with the devil too, go check me out & make friends. ;)

"Trampy Peeptoes"

Look, ladies! I found those trampy shoes!

That's all for now. :)

Monday, October 02, 2006

Sudsy Weekend

The overarching theme of the weekend was . . . good beer. Sounds like a quality weekend already, doesn't it? :) You're going to hear what I did this weekend with the "soundtrack" of what beer was involved. Because that's how I feel like doing it, see?

Friday night - BB & I went out for dinner at Cambridge 1. Beer = Post Road Pumpkin Ale. Not quite as flavorful as the Blue Moon Pumpkin, but good nonetheless. Pizza = steak w/ gorgonzola & garden sorrel w/ chevre (and yes, I realize that I ordered
a pizza featuring leaves for a former football player. I made sure he was ok with it first!). After dinner, we headed down to the People's Republik, my favorite bar in the world. I hadn't seen the bartenders or regulars in a couple of months & I love them, so I got a little giddy. Beer = Harpoon Oktoberfest (plus a couple of shots).

Saturday - Slept in until noon (may have had a little company), then up to enjoy the sunny day. Showered & drove to Southie to see BB's apartment for the first time. It's nice, and surprisingly clean for housing two boys. We walked around Southie a bit, looked at some of BB's photos, had a great take-out dinner, hung out with BB's roomie, and watched some football. Beer =
Sam Adams Oktoberfest (in lieu of attending the Harpoon Oktoberfest nearby).

Saturday night saw us heading into Allston to see a show at Harper's Ferry. Hooker, of blog fame, was playing bass for The Sharking. Jenny was there & we chatted with her for a bit. She promised to post pics of the show this week. Beer = Blue Moon Belgian ale, Magic Hat Circus Boy, and Sam Adams Boston Lager.

Sunday - Woke up around 8:30 (at BB's place) & had to haul my lazy ass out of bed to go pick up my bridesmaid dress in Abington. While I was getting ready, BB walked to the bakery & picked up coffee & danish for us. How great is that? :) Procured my dress & paid the seamstress, then headed to Sears to get shoes & earrings to match. Home for a bit in the afternoon, tutored a student, then home again for the last Blue Moon Pumpkin left in the fridge & some major couch/TV time.

In conclusion, the beer was good. The man was (is) better. I'm a contented girl. :)