Tuesday, July 10, 2007

"Look, Ma, I got All-Stahs!"

First of all, why did they tell us it started at 8pm when the action, the real baseball, didn't start until 9? I mean - I was glad to see them honor Willie Mays, but the rest of the dog & pony show just didn't do it for me.

Second, I really hate Fox's commentary. During the 2004 ALCS, my roommates & I finally gave up, muted the TV, and listened to WEEI instead. I can now report that Fox hasn't improved in three years.

Third, I know the All-Star game is a big deal & that all professional sports are plastered with ads these days, but why do they have to inundate us with so many of them? We're at the top of the 6th & I've counted Taco Bell, Burger King, AT&T (naturally), The Simpsons movie, Master Card, and a few others.

But to end on a positive note - I checked the full list of this year's All-Stars & my fantasy team is well represented! I was pleased to discover that I've got eight All-Stars on my team:
  1. Hideki Okajima
  2. Alex Rodriguez
  3. Derek Jeter
  4. Vladimir Guerrero
  5. Justin Morneau
  6. Brian Fuentes
  7. Orlando Hudson
  8. Roy Oswalt

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