Thursday, July 05, 2007

"Red Sox put on belated fireworks display"

That was a headline from just now & I thought it was apt. We're in the bottom of the 2nd right now & we're already ahead of the D-rays, 9-0.

Yeah - you heard me right. 6 runs scored in the first inning off a Coco Crisp grand slam and 3 so far in the 2nd. Looks like the boys paid attention to the fireworks on the Esplanade last night & the bats are back in town! ;)

UPDATE: I'm promise - I'm not really live-blogging. But I had to check in to say this: it's now the bottom of the 3rd & we're winning 13-2. I feel bad for the Devil Rays.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Sorry to keep doing this, but holy moly. We're now at the bottom of the 6th & the score is 15-3. I don't think I see many Tampa Bay fans left in the crowd. ;)

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