Monday, July 09, 2007

Recent Green Changes

In my continued efforts to be more aware of my impact on the environment (and in hopes that lakes like ours will always look this pristine), I've implemented a few more "green changes." Check out my April resolutions here.
  1. To reduce the number of styrofoam Dunkin Donuts cups I use, I've been making coffee at home & bringing it to work in a travel mug. Not only does this eliminate waste, it's also saving me money. At the height of my DD's addiction (6 mediums w/ cream per week), I was spending around $38 per month on coffee. Now, a 12oz. bag of coffee and 4 quarts of half & half get me through the month and ring up to a meager $17.
  2. I've been keeping just one light burning in my apartment when I'm home at night. My place is a 430 sq. feet studio - I don't really need two lights burning to light it sufficiently!
  3. I've been trying to buy organic when it works with my budget. Tonight's dinner was pesto tortellini from Amy's Kitchen. :) Plus, this company uses cardboard containers (instead of the plastic you usually see with microwave meals), so I could recycle the container after use!

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