Thursday, April 20, 2006

Fenway Fun

Well, after nearly ten years away, I spent the last two nights back at Fenway & had a great time! Here are the highlights:
  • During the 7th inning on Tuesday, everyone in the park was standing, including me, but excluding those in my field box. A guy behind me said, "Will the girl in the black vest either go to the ladies' room or sit down?" While I appreciated his giving me a choice, I chose to remain standing. ;)
  • I love, love, love soft pretzels. I ate something like four last night. At one point, one of the guys sitting next to us asked the other guy if he had a tapeworm. I thought they were talking to me!
  • I always see people from my high school when I'm out in Boston, you guys. Last night, I saw someone in the T station, another person walking down Brookline Ave, and two more after the game!
  • While I confess that I don't completely understand it, I love that you can play Neil Diamond at Fenway Park & get the whole crowd going. I took a video of this (fairly recent) Fenway tradition & posted it to my Myspace page. Check it out!

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hetherjw said...

I think the same is true of many of the high schools in that area. I am sure that if I was able to remember the names and faces of anyone I went to high school with I would see CCHS peeps as well.

And what's the deal? You go to 2 games and they win them both, then you stop going and they only put up one run to help Wake on his way to 3 loses. You should go to all the games until your 'welcome back to Fenway' magic breaks.