Monday, February 05, 2007

"The second of February was covered with snow . . . "

"And so was the turnpike from Stockbridge to Boston . . ." I love that song (Sweet Baby James, by James Taylor). Nick & I spent the weekend in the Berkshires. With the snow we had on Friday night & the drive-by of Tanglewood on Sunday, that song seemed fitting. Here are some of the pictures, to go along with the audio extra. ;)

Yup, you're seeing correctly. Those are buffalo! Encountered at Eastover Resort in Lenox, where Nick had his 10-year high school reunion.

This fun, mustard-colored house is Arrowhead in Lenox, where Herman Melville lived while writing Moby Dick.

Searles Castle in Great Barrington

The Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge. Twenty years ago, my parents stayed here with friends & bought my sister & me T-shirts. I've wanted to visit the Inn ever since. A big thank you to my boyfriend for helping me fulfill that childhood dream!

The Yankee Candle shop in Stockbridge. Picture taken out of the car window, so please excuse the poor quality!

Us, at a pretty outlook on a mountain road in Lenox. Check out the rest of the pics here. I'll try to post tomorrow about what meeting Nick's parents was like!


kate.d. said...

we used to drive past the red lion inn every time we went to my grandparent's house in GB. so while i've gone by it probably hundred of times, i've never been inside - which might be for the best, as it seems like it might be a little stuffy (and pricey!) for my taste :)

Stacey said...

It's definitely pricey, Kate! However, it's lovely to go inside and just wander around a bit. It's such a historic place, with old paintings, furniture, and pottery on display. That's what we did - then went to the Neighborhood Diner in GB for lunch! Have you ever been?

Anonymous said...

Currently reading Moby Dick, so cool to see his house! Perhaps I can persuade Pol to head up that way next time we're in NY!