Monday, July 02, 2007

History Redux

So, the other day, I mentioned something about leaving the Boston area & Eileen asked where I was going. I realized that while I mentioned writing my personal statement, meeting with the department for my interview & hearing about my initial acceptance, I haven't posted lately about my upcoming entrance into grad school. So, without further ado . . .

I'm starting grad school in the fall! Pretty exciting & nerve wracking stuff. Taking a page from Kate's book, I'd rather not get into the specifics. However, it will suffice to say that I'll be starting a master's program in history in just a couple of months.

Conventional wisdom (and U.S. News & World Report) says that there are a number of "wrong reasons" to attend grad school. The ones that come to mind are:
  1. to make lots of money
  2. to avoid getting a real job
  3. to impress people
However, these reasons are not really motivating factors for me. I know that unless I am able to rise to the highest level in my field, I'll never make more than $60K. Plus, I'll be paying off thousands in student loans - sweet!

I've worked a real, 9-5, cubicle-dwelling job for more than two years now, so I didn't avoid that. I suppose I don't hate the idea that some people will be impressed with my degree, but I also recognize that many people won't be. ;)

No, the two main reasons for my return to academia are these:
  1. to study history at the graduate level. This is the most pure reason I can think of. I have missed the study of history & am excited about returning to it, at a more advanced level.
  2. to get a job that I love. Over the past three years since I earned my bachelor's, I've found many jobs that I think would have been great for me, but which required a master's.
Wish me luck. :)


londongirl said...

Wow. Big step. But it sounds like a great idea.

Drama Queen said...

Boyfriend went back to do a masters and it served him well. Even if it did mean we moved to Brussels. LOL! Good luck XX

eileen said...

Hey, good luck, from a fellow graduate student!

Definitely seems like you're going for the right reasons. You have your whole life to work- two years in grad school will absolutely FLY.