Monday, June 11, 2007

My New Boyfriends

OK, guys. In lieu of a real boyfriend, I've picked up a few imaginary ones for the summer. IMPORTANT: I want to point out that I do not need a boyfriend. I'm a little over the drama the real-life ones tend to create. What I want is merely eye candy for the summer. And so, without further ado, I want to introduce you to my new boyfriends:
  1. Boyfriend #1: the 2007 Red Sox. See that schedule? Those boys are there for me, nearly every night, from April to September (and hopefully beyond!). I would have narrowed things down & just said Mike Lowell, but I think Jason would have my head for that!
  2. Boyfriend #2: Dan Snow, military historian & co-host of 2004's Battlefield Britain (which I blogged about last summer) and 2007's 20th Century Battlefields. To get yourself a crush on him, check out this interview in the Guardian. To sum up, he was asked what his greatest fear is & the lovely man's answer was, "Not having kids."
  3. Boyfriend #3: Josh Bernstein, historian & host of Digging for the Truth. He's a little bit nerdier than Dan Snow, but just as appealing in his own way.
As you can imagine, the main attraction for me with both Dan Snow & Josh Bernstein is their chosen profession. You know I love an historian. They both look rather posh in the pictures I've linked to, but they can do the Indiana Jones thing, too!

Note to future suitors - bring along a wealth of historical knowledge & a safari hat and I'm all yours! :)

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Sarah said...

We've been watching the baseball over here and are still trying to turn Iain's dad away from the yanks! a phillies game is in order & how can you not like athletic men wearing clothes that fit so nice and tight around their bum :)