Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I'm Back, Lads & Lassies

I'm back, I'm back! My blog has now been successfully switched to Blogger Beta. I'll explore a little & let you kids know how it is.

In the meantime, I haven't thrown anything significant up on this ol' board since last Thursday! So I've got a few things to update you on. I'm going to start with the NH Highland Games on Saturday & deal the rest out over the next few days. :)

Saturday was cold, rainy & miserable, but being good Scots, my mother & I soldiered through.
Since it was raining, I didn't get any good pics, but I dug up the one above from last year's games.

I'm always interested to see the diverse crowds at the Games. It's definitely a family affair, with lots of tots in strollers sporting kilts & Scottish face paint. However, there is also a good crowd of young (early-twenties to early-thirties) people there who often stay overnight in Lincoln & party it up, Scottish-style, at the local bars. I plan to try that some year.

There are also three main levels of involvement & dress at the Games. The first is the New Englanders of Scottish descent who may wear a Scottish T-shirt or sweatshirt and may have a Scottish tattoo somewhere (this is where my mother & I fall). The next level is the performers & the people who have gone all out: full Highland dress. (Note - I have no problems with these people. I love them, in fact!) However, there is a third level of Highland Games visitor who is a little "tetched." These are the Druidic, New Age Celtic Church people, who tend to wear long dresses, capes & crystals on a string. I have no patience for these people, as I know that their perception of ancient Druids has very little to do with genuine Scottish history. However, live & let live, right?

We got some adorable Scottish togs for Baby W. The first is a sweet little T-shirt that says, "Wee Laddie." The next is a bib trimmed in plaid, with a Scottie dog, two thistles, and "Scotland" on the front. We really wanted to get him a wee kilt, but I know that my not-as-rabidly-Scottish sister & Dutch brother-in-law might not allow it. Someday, though. If not for him, for my own future kiddies!

I also got a black T-shirt (American Apparel) that says, "Scottish Girls Rock." And I must say, I love me a man in Scottish-esque clothes & I was spoiled with eye candy. Wool sweaters, tweed jackets, flat caps, & kilts everywhere! It probably sounds a tad strange, but I just love a man who looks like he's come straight from the "Hielands" (or at the very least, Inverness or Edinburgh). Yum. :)


Hooker said...

before my birthday passed this year i told my friends i wanted two things:

two chicks at the same time and a kilt.

niether happened.

p.s. i'm trying to think of the Pats that I know who are bartenders. i can't think of him

Stacey said...

Aww, poor Hooker. Kilts are hugely expensive (something like $300-400), so don't feel too mad at your friends! However, in Edinburgh, you can get "party kilts" for $20. Gotta love a city like that.

His full name is Patrick Gallivan. He works at People's Republik in Cambridge. Around 5'11", blonde mohawk, friends with the guys from Big D & the Kid's Table?

Hooker said...

yeah i'm not sure who he is but Skip used to be in Big D years ago.

Hey Short Pants said...

Edinburgh Rocks!!