Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Outta Town

Off to PEI in the morning to restore my soul with family, friends, and views like this. Back next week.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Taken Directly from my Facebook Status

Going to meet a pup called Sadie (http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/16922772) tomorrow night! If all goes well, she might come home with us in a couple of weeks. :)

Monday, July 19, 2010

General Check-in

Okay, so here's the thing. In the hectic months leading up to the wedding, I kept saying, "We'll do that after the wedding. We'll have more time then. After the wedding."

Hmmm. Not sure where all that free time I thought I'd have has gotten to! It's life, I guess - there's always something else coming down the pike. However, we are having a particularly busy summer. On our plates at the moment:
  • We leave for our annual vacation on Prince Edward Island a week from tomorrow. This is a great thing, of course, but requires planning & packing & taking time off work & such.
  • Since we drive up, the trip also requires getting some work done on my car - the brake job my mechanic recommended last summer and possibly something with the suspension, as it's been a very bouncy ride lately.
  • We're moving! Since my grandparents' house in Hometown is (regrettably) empty, we're going to move in. This of course requires LOTS of planning & packing & such. We have to get out of our current lease in Portsmouth, clear out our storage unit (this Saturday), and move everything sixty miles south (probably the last weekend in August).
  • Since we'll be moving to a house with more room & a yard, we can finally get a dog! We've both wanted one for a very long time, but the timing was never right. Of course, now . . .
  • Justin is deploying in September. :( Which means that all of these things - move, dog, etc. - need to take place before he leaves. As does a bunch of military paperwork that proves I'm now his wife. And celebrating his birthday (9 days before his deployment date) and making sure he sees both of our families a bunch before he goes.
  • Both Justin's and my best friends are moving to the midwest in August and September, respectively. This doesn't require much work on our parts, but is very sad and prompts us to try to see them as often as humanly possible before they go. Thankfully, my friend will only be out there for a year, but his (our best man) is starting a PhD program, so he won't be back on the East Coast for quite awhile.
There are other things, as well, but these are the major ones. See what I mean?!?

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Snapshots from a Wedding

And we're back! Sorry I didn't weigh in sooner, but we got back late Monday night. AND since my computer crashed two days before the wedding (!), I had to wait until that got sorted to post any pics. The old one is completely dead, but thanks to the generosity of our wedding guests, we were able to buy me a brand new one!

Hence, posting again and wedding pictures galore. At last count, there were over 400 photos of the wedding weekend - and that's just on Facebook! We should be getting the official photos any day now . . .

So, before delving into recaps and insight, here's an utterly random sample of my favorite wedding photos. Be forewarned - there are 23. ;)