Monday, April 29, 2013

2013, Week #17

Here are my photos from April 22-28.  A busy week!

Sometimes my work requires phrases like this one.

April 24 - first breakfast on the porch!

An hour before my exhibit opening!

Morning puppy #1.

Aaand a close-up of morning puppy #2.

Happy birthday to a lovely friend!

An afternoon date with the monkeys. Crowded seating area at Kimball Farm ice cream - good thing there were chairs in the back of my sister's car!

King of the Mountain!

Pushing his brother, at bro's request.

Too much fun in the hammock.

This happened.  Awwww.

Monday, April 22, 2013

2013, Week #16

Here are my photos from April 15-21.  I didn't take many on Monday and Tuesday, as I was in tears a lot from the sorrow & heartache of the Boston Marathon bombings.  Looking at the week of pictures, though, reminds me of all the little good things that make up daily life.  Those quotidian things - family, pets, green things - comforted me and others through this week and will continue to provide comfort to us in the days ahead.

Snuggly puppies in the morning.

My new desk at work.

The kids at my final school vacation workshop built and planted this in less than an hour.  Go them!

Going to miss this.

In other news, panels for traveling exhibit delivered Friday; unpacked Saturday.


Loving the sun on the porch. She's a hothouse flower.

My late grandmother's Christmas cactus, blooming away in a sunny window. After a week like this, it's the little things.

Love this vignette.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

2013, Week #15

And here are my photos for the week of April 8-14:

Atlatl throwing. Long, tiring day today, but still, I get paid to do this!

One of the last times I'll see this million dollar view (at the museum I'm leaving)!

My husband is high-larious.

Dinner on Wednesday with a co-worker - yum!

Work, work, work. So boring.

And then I'm working from home, working from home ...

Almost open for business! George Washington exhibit begins 4/26!

Spring and a young man's fancy turns to patio work.


Tuesday, April 09, 2013

2013, Week #14

Photos from April 1-7:

Gorgeous sunset this evening.

Ready & waiting for the warm weather (put up at the request of Thing #2).

After-work puppy walk!

First flowers!

My lovie girl in the sun (photo taken by Justin while I was at work).

#drunkenoctopuswantstofight (at The Times Irish Pub)

Old South Meetinghouse at dusk.

And at dark.

Sunset glow.

My boys.

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

2013, Week #13

Here are my photos from March 25-31!

Springy plants at IKEA.

My lovies at rest.

Sunny window plants.

Posted this one already last week, but gosh, work is such a bore.

Spring is coming, it promises.

Having some work done on the kitchen.  Here's the before - a perfectly functional stainless steel sink and laminate countertops.


 More progress, featuring my gorgeous new butcher block countertops.

Getting there . . .

Ta-da!  (Well, minus a soon-to-be-tiled backsplash, a new pendant light, the removal of the window cornice, trim work, etc. etc. etc.

Puppies on the way to the lake for Easter.

Sunny puppy butts!

Pokemon education time.

Egg seeking.

 Sadie is a hound in sheep's clothing.