Sunday, October 15, 2006

Weddings are Fun!

What a great weekend. :) Despite the car drama of Friday (which led to my missing the wedding rehearsal altogether), things have gone well this weekend. I was able to meet up with the wedding party for the rehearsal dinner in Plymouth, then headed north to South Boston to meet Nick. When I got there, we went out to Lucky's Lounge in Fort Point. Nick loves this bar & hadn't been in quite awhile, so he was tickled that I liked it. We had one of those great dates when you can't quite take your eyes off each other, despite valid distractions like the baseball game & the great band at Lucky's.

In the morning, we rolled out of bed around 9:30 & I started getting ready to head back south for the wedding. Nick grabbed coffee & breakfast from Joseph's, like usual (I love that I have a "regular" coffee place in Southie already. I mean, I'm just glomming onto Nick's coffee place, but whatever!). I left for Plymouth around 11 to check into the hotel (view from our window above) & start getting ready for the wedding festivities.

Since I was in the bridal party, I didn't get to bring my own camera to the ceremony or reception. I'll write a better wedding post when I get pictures from the girls. The whole experience was great fun. It was lovely to see my girls from college (and guy friend Mike) and to see Erin happily married. We had a great time partying with the groomsmen & friends of the bride & groom at the hotel after the wedding, too. Here are two of the pictures I did get of our somewhat trashed hotel room:

(Nick was actually at the wedding of one of his friends in Brookline, so we were texting back & forth about our respective weddings throughout the day. My favorite was his 10:30 pm text: "Wanna dance?" Awww.)


jayniek said...

when does nick get the url of your blog? :)

Stacey said...

Haha, I know. He actually does know it, because he's one of my Myspace friends & the link is on that page. However, about 2 weeks ago, I made him swear that he wouldn't read it. Then I caught him through my site meter! It was pretty funny.