Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday Fotos

Here is what my Friday was like at work:
Ice cream cone cupcakes! One of my co-workers made them & they were delish. I had one for breakfast & one around 10:30. Oh, and one around 2:30. OK, ok, and one at 5:30. Don't judge me.

This is the (paper) medal I received for bravely slaying the centipede in the ladies' room. My co-worker in our DC office emailed it to me when she heard of my heroics. At the request of her & a couple of others, I then printed it out, cut it out, and made a paper-clip chain for it. Good stuff.

I'm going to miss my kooky co-workers when I leave.


eileen said...

those cupcakes look SO GOOD!

Carl Weaver said...

My word... They must have been good! Can you post the recipe so all of us can share the joy?