Tuesday, June 27, 2006

New Shoes, New Shoes

That's a song I just made up, "New shoes, new shoes, there's nothing better than new shoes . . . " (those are all the lyrics I have right now, so bear with me). I'm excited because I bought two pairs of shoes last night.

I have to confess a secret & it's a doozie. I actually like Payless Shoes. I know, it's a horrifying thing for a somewhat hip young woman to admit - that I don't spend all of my pay on expensive shoes. I definitely see the point of buying well-made shoes to last a long time. My Land's End hiking boots ain't goin' nowhere!

However, when you're buying trendy shoes, you don't care so much if they'll be with you for ten years. Hence, the Payless addiction. I also buy shoes from Target sometimes (gasp!) Anyways, I had a little picture party last night with all of the new shoes I've gotten in the last 6 or 7 months. Here they are, in chronological order. Enjoy!

Driving loafers from Target

Wellington boots from Target (I love Wellies!)

Fake Converses from Payless (for the '80s party in Portland)

Madras plaid flip-flops from Old Navy

Silk flip-flops from J. Crew (picture lifted from the
website b/c mine are in NH at the moment)

White slides from Payless (new last night, bought for the Cape Breton wedding)

Camel heels from Payless (also new last night, bought b/c I realized the only heels I have to wear with brown skirts/pants were bought at a rummage sale for $0.25)

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kate.d. said...

girl, don't be embarassed! my absolute favorite pair of brown strappy sandals are from target. they're hot, and they cost under $20. mmm hmmm that's right.

embrace the love of cheap cute shoes :)