Monday, October 23, 2006

Halloween - Solved!

Take two plain cardboard boxes:
Add UPS shipping labels:
And a hot UPS man:
And you've got my Halloween costume! That's right, Nick & I will be spending Halloween '06 as the UPS man and his delivery package. Although I'm not sure how I feel about being referred to as his package. A little too masculine, if you hear what I'm saying. Perhaps his box has a truer ring. ;)

At any rate, I think it's a fantastic idea. I got it from this website. Nick actually already owns the important pieces of clothing. As for my costume, I still have boxes kicking around from my move in September.

I was initially thinking of wearing one big box from neck to knees. I even browsed Nick's friend's moving boxes looking for a perfect fit. However, perhaps it's better to go sexy with it. How can one "sex up" a cardboard box costume, you ask? I'm thinking one smaller box for my torso/chest, one bigger box for my hips (with a tube top & skirt underneath), fishnet stockings, and heels. Any other ideas, kids?


Jayne said...

you said "his box."

LisaKate said...

DEFinitely go for sexy...add duct tape somewhere in there, too. Great idea! I am sadly missing Halloween and will not be able to defend my title!

Small world that you know Eric - indeed he lived in Central Square!

U r an educator, I see. Where do you teach?

e$ said...

huh huh huh - sexy box. huh huh.

I see you passed right over "bird flu", though, which is really a shame. Think of all the horrified stares as you explain the costume!

Sarah said...

awesome idea! i can't wait for all the "backdoor delivery" jokes.

Stacey said...

JK - yeah, I went there. I mean, I guess I am, technically (in a very non-feminist way).

Lisa - Love the Rainbow Brite costume! Yeah, Eric & I actually went on a few dates a year or two ago. Tell him I said hi! Oh, and I work for a test prep company, tutoring students for the SAT's and recruiting, hiring, and managing other tutors.

E$ - I did love the bird flu costume idea. Really fitting, too, since we've both been sick and there have been lots of bird flu and plague jokes (we have a morbid sense of humor). I just had to go with the UPS idea since he works for them. :)

Sarah - Oh me too! ;)