Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Day #22 - Gearing Up for Turkey Day

Hello, blog buddies. T-minus 22 hours until the feast! I got out of work at 3 pm today, which was awesome. :) Still, it's a busy day. I'm sneaking this post in between packing for NH & coffee with my friend E. (from this wedding and this bridesmaid faux pas). Then, it's dinner with the best friend who is home from law school in NYC, sleeping at Nick's, and an early morning trip to my parents' in NH. Whew!

I will post again tomorrow night after stuffing my face with turkey, but I just wanted to put up this picture of the wild turkey that used to wander around near my office. I also wanted to wish you & yours a very happy Thanksgiving! Here's hoping being home with our crazy families will give us all lots to post about. ;)

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