Sunday, November 19, 2006

Day #19 - "Those Crabs are Huge!"

Don't worry, no one here has an STD. ;) Just raging hangovers & blurry memories of giant crabs in a tank in a Chinatown restaurant. I went out drinking with Nick & his buddies last night. I should have posted, like these ladies, to nail down the elusive drunk post. However, the beer, liquor & bad Chinese food made me forget. Here's a recap of last night's highlights (or low-lights, I suppose).
  • Went through two cases of Heineken & watched a bit of Blue Velvet. That is one messed up movie, kids.
  • Hit the Beer Garden in Southie & had a relationship conversation ("we should be smart & take this slowly") with the boyfriend in between beers & shots of Jager.
  • Moved to Murphy's Law & played a rousing game of "whack your friend's beer bottle with your own & make it foam up." I lost, miserably. Our table ended up covered in beer. We used copies of the Improper Bostonian to soak it up.
  • Nick's bright idea when we walked out of Murphy's Law? Chinatown! Where we ate really bad food, got freaked out by above-mentioned giant crabs, and decided to head home when his friends headed for the strip club. Good idea, Nick. ;)
On the way home, we stopped by Murphy's Law again to pick up my vest. I had forgotten it there & not even noticed until we left the Chinese place. For some reason, there was a line to get in, so Nick had to persuade the bouncer (and the people in line) to let him in to get the vest. I don't think they really believed him until I came over & stood next to the door, shivering intentionally & hugging the take-out bag of Chinese food.

It was a crazy night, kids. ;)

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e$ said...

mopping up beer is probably the ONLY thing the Improper is good for ;)