Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Day #15 - Hump Day

OK, so I gots nothing. I've been roaming around the blogosphere, checking out my regular reads & a few new ones from NaBloPoMo. However, I don't have much to write about myself. So here are a few random thoughts:
  1. I emailed the professors I met with on Monday to thank them for meeting with me. The graduate director wrote back maybe three minutes later to say, "We look forward to reading your application.' Woot!
  2. My sister has been more bored than usual at work & finally decided to quit lurking. She's commented on two whole posts! Welcome to the blogosphere, big sis. :)
  3. When I spoke to my mum last night on the phone, she held the phone up to my nephew & made me talk. I could hear my family laughing in the background. Apparently, Thing 1 was so excited to hear his auntie's voice coming out of the phone that he was wiggling, smiling, and trying to kiss the phone. :)
  4. I like that new Dockers commercial - with the "Go, boy, go" song in the background.
  5. I've been enjoying NaBloPoMo so far, but I am kind of glad it's halfway over. I like posting during the week & normally post every weekday. However, I've had to hit the pause button on some weekend fun in order to post and I resent that a little bit.
  6. I. Am. So. Excited. For. Christmas!!! I know it's not even Thanksgiving yet, but we're getting there. Yay for white lights & Christmas cartoons & snowy nights & candlelit church services. :) Oh, and hot cocoa. Of course.

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Miss Browneyedgirlie said...

I, for one, can echo these sentiments 100%.

I just posted a similar entry.

In fact, I had so little, I resorted to complaining about the people I shared T space with today.