Sunday, November 05, 2006

Day #5 - Other Random Weekend Things

Whoa - extreme close up. :) This was me yesterday afternoon, wrapped up in Nick's huge puffer vest, trying desperately (& without success) to warm up after our jaunt to Castle Island.

We had a busy day yesterday, which started with a trip to Wal-Mart. Now, I'm not a very big Wal-Mart fan, but I bought my tires from them last year & since one of said tires went flat last Saturday, I needed them to make good on their road hazard warranty for me. Unfortunately, the only Wal-Mart store in Massachusetts with a Tire & Lube Express is 45 minutes away! However, it was a productive trip. Nick stocked up on groceries (their prices are really good) & I picked up some goodies of my own.

Like this - my new flash drive! This one comes with three skins - one clear, one pink, and one blue - and 256 MB of storage space. I paid $18 for it, which is a little less than the average price.

This is where I cut my hand, trying to get the stupid plastic packaging open.

This is the green & white striped rugby shirt I got for Baby W. Price? $3.00. Size? 24 months, even though the child is not even 9 months old yet. Seriously? My nephew is going to be a linebacker!

After a lovely morning in South Boston - two cups of coffee, homemade kielbasa, egg & cheese breakfast sandwiches, and lounging in my PJ's - I'm home for a few hours. I have a student from 5-6:30, then Nick is coming over to watch the Pats game. Enjoy your Sunday afternoons everyone!

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