Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Day #14 - Menstrual Madness

(Illustration by Luis S. Parejo)
Pssst . . . Yeah, you over there, reading my blog. I think my period is making me crazy. Shhh , keep it down - it might hear you! ;)

Seriously, though, I hate the beginning of my period. Cramps that could fell a Clydesdale & emotional mood swings of tsunami proportions. For example - remember my boyfriend? That lovely man who (thus far) has been nothing but sweet to me? Well, tonight, I called him on the way home from tutoring. When he hadn't called back a mere 20 minutes later, I was concocting all kinds of disaster scenarios involving other girlfriends & berating myself for getting so attached so quickly.

Yeah, nuts. That's not even the worst part. When Nick left my apartment this morning, he dropped the cap to his cologne outside on the walkway. Being a good girlfriend, I picked it up for him & dumped it into my cup holder to give back tomorrow. However, the thing is heavily impregnated with cologne & has literally been making me woozy. As I drove along with the window cracked & a burgeoning headache, my sick twisted menstrual mind was like, "If I can't stand his scent, how can I be with him? It's clearly not meant to be. What was I thinking?!?"

Yeah. Certifiable. Someone help me please. ;)


Lori said...

You sound completely reasonable to me :)

Kristen Felix said...

It must run in the family :)