Friday, November 03, 2006

Day #3 - Friday Night in Southie

Spent tonight with the boyfriend and his friends in South Boston. It was nice to just drink beers, hang out, and de-stress from the work week. We got pizza and watched a little bit of Outside Providence, which is a pretty funny little movie. I was thinking tonight that I'm continuing to fall in love with South Boston. I just love that rough streets like the one above (courtesy of South Street Gallery) exist so close to the ocean. I miss the ocean, so I've made Nick promise to take me to the beach tomorrow. We spent the tail end of our second date on L St. beach and I'll always remember that night as one of our first great kisses. :)

(P.S. I promised myself I would write a drunk post at some point during NaBloPoMo and this one is almost that. I'm a few beers in, so it's a little more goofy than I had intended.)

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