Sunday, November 12, 2006

Day #12 - Weekend in Review

So the weekend started off well with dinner out in the North End. On Saturday, we got up around 10, made coffee, and finished off the pastries from Friday night. After a few hours of watching college football, Nick tore himself away to take me for a walk down to the beach. The weather was absolutely beautiful. The picture below is of me on the beach, with my feet in the water, on November 11th!
In the evening, we headed up to Newton to see BC beat Duke at Alumni Stadium. Nick & his friends have season tickets, but it was my first BC game. Since my grandfather went to BC back in the 1940's, I actually have a legitimate link to the college, too. :)
Two of my good college friends, Tim & John, were in town, so we headed to Tim's girlfriend's place after the game. We drank there for thirty minutes or so, then headed over to Shenanigans. As you can see below, the evening quickly degenerated after the Irish car bombs. ;)


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I KNOW! You & I have to do some soon, boy.