Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Day # 7 - Lucky Sevens

Tonight was kind of a neat little road trip for me. I continued to tutor students nights & weekends after I took the full-time job at my company, so I'm easily accessible to the people who put students & tutors together. Therefore, I am often convinced to take students in hard-to-reach towns. Obviously, I can't tell you where I went tonight, but it was ninety minutes from my office & sixty minutes home. So I left the office at 5:30 & didn't arrive home until 9:30 - all for just ninety minutes of tutoring.

However, the student lived in a lovely little country town & it felt like a mini road trip. On the drive out there, I passed the barn where I used to ride & the restaurant where my family used to have dinner on our annual fall foliage trips. Of course, I also passed through the little town where the ex & I shopped for antiques after an apple-picking trip last fall. Yuck. The man grew up in middle-of-nowhere New York . . . how is it possible that middle-of-nowhere MA can remind me of him?

Despite the ex flashback, it was an enjoyable trip.
On the way home, I stopped for a coffee & a glazed donut, then chatted with the new (& much improved) boyfriend for awhile. Not a bad evening!


Caity said...

Isn't it weird how the strangest things remind us of our exes? At least you have new (and improved) guy so that your thoughts won't linger! :)

Hooker said...

i want to paint that photo.

Stacey said...

Hooker - I totally just Googled "wooded road" and picked the 5th picture that came up. I should have cited it. It's from this website: http://www.issaquahhighlands.com/newsletterssummer04.html