Monday, November 13, 2006

Day # 13 - Rainy Vacation Day

Man, vacation days just aren't what they used to be. ;) Sleeping late, lounging around in pajamas, having a long lunch - none of these things factored into my day off today. Instead, I got up at 7:15 am, renewed my car registration ($127), had my car inspected ($51 and a future appt. to fix my reverse lights), and headed out in the rain for the 90 minute drive to State U. for a meeting with the graduate director of the history department.

The good news is - the meeting went really well! The department doesn't formally interview master's candidates, but I thought it would help my application to get some face-time with the history faculty. I met with the graduate director for a bit and we talked about how my research interests might gel with the interests of the faculty.

She then brought me down the hall to speak with an assistant professor of Canadian & environmental history. We had a good chat about the various fields of history in which we're mutually interested and possible topics for theses. I came away feeling like the guy would be willing to be my advisor, so I think it went well!

I then wandered around State U's campus (still in the rain), checking things out & looking for the library. I found it and it was beautiful. Sigh, I love the architecture of university libraries (except for Edinburgh University - I was always amazed that such a historic & lovely city could produce such an ugly concrete box of a university library).

All in all, I think the day went pretty well, despite the rain & the 140-something miles I drove in it. Now, I'm signing off to enjoy spicy orange chicken, beef & broccoli, and pork fried rice with the boyfriend. :) Have a nice night, kiddos!

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