Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Vacation Pictures - Part III

Yes, I am going to spin these pictures out as long as I possibly can. ;) It helps me re-live my vacation & besides, PEI & Cape Breton are two stunning places. You don't really mind, do you?

After the busy wedding day (which included a beach visit in the "wee smalls"), everyone wanted to chill a bit on Sunday. My cousins have a summer cottage on Lake Ainslie (above), so I wheedled & whined & convinced Brad to drive me up there to check it out. After another hearty breakfast at the Manitou, we were off. It took much longer than I expected. For all that Cape Breton is a small place, it took nearly 3 hours round trip. However, we found the cottage & got some great photos, which my cousins loved. And Lake Ainslie itself is lovely - reminded me of the lochs in the Highlands.

Once back in Judique, we landed at the bride's parents' place. We spent an hour or two just relaxing - talking, drinking beer & playing horseshoes. Once the grandparents arrived, we crowded into the house to watch Chad & Adina open their presents. It took awhile, as things like that always do (ever been to a baby shower?), but it was neat to be able to
see their reaction to my gift. They liked it. :)

After a good feed on wedding dinner leftovers, the PEI caravan (made up of my friends & Chad's family) was off to catch the ferry. Half of us made the 6:00 boat & sailed off to PEI. I was tired, sunburnt & hungover - but I couldn't be happier. I was headed home.

Here are the pictures from day two. You can look forward to real PEI pictures tomorrow!

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