Tuesday, August 08, 2006

NYC Wrap-Up

So NYC was lots of fun. Above is a picture of my mani/pedi from Saturday. It's still doing pretty well, despite lots of walking, typing, and being drunk since then. ;)

Speaking of walking, I had quite the workout on the day I came home. I bought a ticket on the noon Fung Wah & hopped on the subway around 11:15 a.m. However, I wasn't thinking about the fact that the Canal St./Varick St. subway station is a good 16 blocks from the Fung Wah office. I surfaced at 11:50, with ten minutes to go until my bus left. As you can imagine, I hauled ass through Chinatown, practially knocking over pedestrians with my 30-pound pack. Plus, it was sunny & about 80 degrees. When I got there, I was on time, but I was not a pretty sight.

Then, after a 4-hour bus ride to Boston's South Station & a 40-minute train ride to the right train station, I accidentally took the wrong bus to my sister's house (where my car was)! Consequently, I had to hike another mile uphill, (still) carrying the pack. When I got into my very own car at the end, I was so childishly happy!

I'm so over public transportation right this moment. In the last week (7/31 to 8/7), I've been on a Northumberland Ferries Ltd. ferry, an Air Canada plane, a Logan Airport shuttle bus, a Silver Line bus, the Fung Wah bus, 3 NYC taxis, the NYC subway 1 train, a local MBTA bus, and the Red Line train multiple times!!! I'm glad I'm helping the planet & saving gas, but I'm tired of waiting for trains/buses, hailing cabs, getting sweaty running to make buses, and being raved at by crazy people. God bless my little Jeep!

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Sarah said...

i too am over public transport..and i haven't so much as used the T in MONTHS. i love being in my car more than anything :-)