Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Crazy Hot - and Ouchie!

So I had a really cute post planned for today - complete with family stories from my childhood on Prince Edward Island & accompanying photos. However, the insane heat melted my brain & I just don't think I can summon the energy. Instead you get a picture of (much-cooler) Beach Point & maybe the cute post tomorrow.

Seriously, though. We live in Boston, people - city of blizzards & snow drifts & wicked cold nights. Where did this crazy-ass heat come from? Last night, at 10:30 p.m. (P.M., as in the sun had been down for hours!), it was 89 degrees in my apartment. IN my apartment!

I managed not to die by drinking lots of water, stripping down, sitting in my Adirondack chair (the only seat not covered in fabric of some kind), and directing the fan straight at me. However, things went awry when I tried to eat dinner. I balanced the plate of hot rice & chicken with lemon sauce on the arm of the chair. Then, I don't know what I did, but the entire plate of food came crashing down on my hip. The hot rice burned my left hip & my dinner was scattered all over the chair & the floor.

Remind me when it's supposed to get cooler? Someone, anyone?

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e$ said...

fabric chairs are the WORST. I was laying on my (fabric covered) couch last night, and I was shocked by how hot it was to lay on fabric. But when I tried to lay on the hardwood floor, I bruised my spine, so that was no good either.