Sunday, August 06, 2006

New York, New York

No way! It's a rare weekend post from me. Are you so excited you can hardly stand it? I know, I know - I'm the only one who's excited.

Anyways, I've (mostly) recovered from my Saturday night & I wanted to share a few thoughts. I've been in New York visiting my best friend R. for not quite 48 hours & it's been quite a ride. Here are some of the things I've done here which I can quite honestly say have never happened in Boston. (I really hope my parents don't read this . . . )
  1. Got a mani/pedi at a nail shop in Spanish Harlem. Very cute, very cheap. My first pedicure ever, actually. (I know - I'm pretty much an incurable tomboy)
  2. Gave $2 to a crackhead. I'm an idiot & he had a good story. Something about being diabetic & needing food, I don't know. I know better now.
  3. Had a two-hour brunch at an outdoor French cafe, including a carafe of white wine, pain du chocolat, French toast w/ fresh fruit, sourdough bread & butter, and an iced cappuccino.
  4. Stayed after hours at a biker bar in Chelsea. I think it was the one on which Coyote Ugly was based. Either that, or the female bartenders just really liked to two-step on the bar.
  5. Rode a Heritage Softtail bike around the block with a 36-year old biker from Queens.
I need to go home to Boston to recover!

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Andrea said...

I LOVE new york, i've been 4's great isn't it?