Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Vacation Pictures - Part Done

OK, kinda feeling like I have to move on with my life now. Considering I returned from vacation 2 weeks ago, it's a valid feeling. These pictures are like crack, though. Allow me this last picture post & one more with the Canadian beer in my fridge and that'll be it. I promise.

These pictures span the week of July 23rd-31st. I spent most of Monday sleeping late & reading, as I was tired & sunburnt from the wedding weekend. Although, I did venture across the road to M's at night to drink beers & play cards with the boys.

Tuesday, I got my act together. Walked to the beach in the a.m. with my parents. After lunch, headed back down with friends to go bar clamming. Between five of us, we came up with nearly 100 pounds of clams. That's nuts. FYI, the tall guy with dark hair & camo trunks is my ex-boyfriend, Tyson. The short girl in the purple bikini is his new girlfriend. Yeah . . . that made things all kinds of fun. (grrrrr)

Anyways, on Tuesday night, we steamed the clams & grilled some potatoes for dinner. Then, played Asshole for close to four hours. After Tyson, Brad & Natalie went home, I have blurry memories of being drunk & painfully sunburnt, crying to Murray about the situation & shivering in the ocean breeze. The dear boy listened to me, then slung a jacket over my shoulders & walked me home.

I woke up Wednesday morning nauseous & dizzy. I stood in the bathroom at 8 a.m., wailing to my mother, "I swear it's the sunburn - not the alcohol!" Classy, I know. I consequently spent most of Wednesday in bed reading, with a short foray out to lunch with the rents & Murray.

Thursday - painted the garage with my parents, being careful to stay on the shady sides whenever possible (my legs were literally purple with sunburn). Then, the folks & I headed out to BBQ with some relatives who were camping nearby & then watch the local Fisheries Festival parade with them.

Side note: It's enlightening to hang out with my 14-year old cousin. I don't think of myself as much older, but I so clearly am. Jenny spent most of the time talking about bands she likes & rock shows she wants to see. I spent most of the time nodding, smiling, and feeling ancient. ;)

Ok - this is getting way too long. I'll leave off at Thursday & finish up Friday, Saturday & Sunday tomorrow. In the meantime, enjoy the pictures!


Jenny said...


Yes that warranted ALL CAPS.

hetherjw said...


its new... but I hear it works. Being Irish and from Boston I never have call for something like that, so this is all hearsay.