Monday, August 28, 2006

Weekend Update - Delayed

See, I told you it was fall! I found this tree starting to turn on a mountain road in NH. Anyways, here is the delayed weekend post. I tried desperately to get this published yesterday, but Blogger & I ended up in an epic picture upload battle. Perhaps they're distracted by the launch of Blogger Beta?

Anyways, I took the dog on a hike, as promised. Clearly, he did not want to be there & was not at all interested in going on this hike. ;)

This is the trail, looking down from Inspiration Point, also known as Little Roundtop Mt.

This is Kobe, racing around Inspiration Point like a mad dog.

This is his "hunting dog" pose. He doesn't usually stand still this long, so I was lucky to catch it.
And this is the view from Inspiration Point, looking south. From the top, there's a beautiful panoramic view of the hills & mountains to the south, east, and north. So yay for hikes & spending the weekend enjoying the first tinges of autumn in New England!

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