Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Old Friends

As promised, here are the pictures from the bridal shower I went to on Saturday. I love that the bride is not at all girly (like me!), so the theme is more "autumn harvest" than "pink & fluffy". I also got to pick up my bridesmaid dress, which is gorgeous! This is it, but in topaz (not pink).

Besides seeing E. (the bride) at the shower, this was quite the weekend for seeing old friends. My friend B. flew in from Colorado on Thursday. I had a few beers with him & his brother C. on Friday night at RedBones. I haven't really talked to B. for about 3 years, so we sat & chatted for about two hours straight. The other guests at his "welcome home" party were pissed. ;)

Then, completely unexpectedly, my friend E. called me on Sunday afternoon. He lives in Brooklyn now, but his parents still live in the Boston area. He was having dinner with them at the Burren, so he called me. He walked over to my apartment after dinner & then helped me move some things over to the new apartment. He'll be around for most of this week, so I'll hopefully see him again.

THEN, as if all of that wasn't enough of a walk down memory lane, I ran into some friends from college last night! It was completely random: I was driving home from bringing things over to the new apartment in Hometown. I was cruising home to The Square when I passed two guys unloading groceries from a Volvo. I sort of recognized one of them as I drove by, but wasn't quite sure. So I pulled a uey at the next light & cruised by again, looking more closely from the opposite side of the street. It was, in fact, my college buddies C. & M.! I pulled another uey & pulled up behind them. I definitely sketched them out, getting out of my car & coming towards them with a smile. Then, they realized who I was & it was all good. Nice to know they're so close by!

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