Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Find Your Perfect Date: Specify Looks, Income, Race, Age & More!

OK, the title of this post is for real. I did not make that up. It's the tagline for's search result on Google. Seriously - doesn't that slay the idea that your true love can come from anywhere & you shouldn't have a narrow conception of what s/he is? But, I guess that tagline won't sell as many Match subscriptions. ;)

So let's talk a little about dating. I have not been on a date in three months (which has had the unfortunate side effect of making me celibate for three months). There are a few reasons why I "took the summer off" from dating (family, work, etc.), but here is the main one. Between April '05 and May '06, I had a very confusing & busy love life. The year included a long distance relationship that nearly became an engagement, plus a number of brief relationships with the following: an illegal Irish immigrant, a dorky architect, a long-haired PhD candidate who moved to Africa, a workaholic, and an ex-boyfriend from high school. Whew! I needed the time off.

However, I've decided that it's time to charge back into the fray. Of course, it's all well & good for me to have decided that, but now where do I find the men? I'm notoriously bad at small talk & somewhat shy around strangers, both of which combine to make me abysmal at chatting up cute guys. I tried the Internet dating thing two years ago - with mixed results. I've got some funny stories from that era, though. I'll post about them tomorrow.

In the meantime, though, what is a girl to do? Sarah, didn't you say something about being a good matchmaker . . . ? :)


clipper829 said...

I met my husband on Match back in 2002!

Nathan said...

Now that is an AWESOME title for a book. I can't believe I'm buying this....excellent.