Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Vacation Pictures - Part I

Guess what, guess what, guess what??? My parents are home from Canada & therefore, so is my memory stick. I've spent the last day uploading pictures, re-naming them, sorting them, etc. I figured I'd post a few a day & take you visually through my vacation. If you're bored, bear with me. It's also my way of reliving it. ;)

Let's begin with two weeks ago today (July 19th), when I attended a soccer match at Gillette Stadium. Glasgow Celtic came into town to play the New England Revolution. It was an exciting match, with the Revs tying the game, 1-1, in the last few seconds with a well-placed goal. Since I was sitting in "The Fort", I found out quickly how rabid Revs fans are (the guys in the video were about six rows down from my seat). Here's my photo of the match:

After the match & a 40-minute wait to get out of Gillette's parking lot, Best Friend & I drove southeast to the Cape. We were headed for the house that her family rents every summer. Since I arrived around 12:30 a.m., my bed was the first thing I cared about:
Awakening the next morning, the sky was grey & dull, but the view from my window was as pretty as ever.
The picture below shows a better view of the salt marsh & the roof of the screen porch. Every summer, I climb out the window & sit for awhile on the roof of the porch. It's a quiet & peaceful way to take in the view.
Since the weather wasn't ideal, we didn't get in any beach time, but we did get in a lot of good reading time. I worked my way through Ghost Ship of Diamond Shoals, which seemed a fitting way to ease into a predominantly seaside vacation.

We got out of the house Thursday afternoon - lunch at Arnold's, shopping in P-town, and dinner at Terra Luna. I left Friday morning in a drizzly rain, headed for Boston, New Hampshire & thence to the next seaside destination - Cape Breton!

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