Thursday, June 28, 2007

Hot Diggity Dog!

This, my friends, is a hot dog. Humble denizen of the barbecue, where summer after summer, he is lazily consumed with such side dishes as potato salad, coleslaw, corn on the cob, and watermelon.

Or, shoved frantically into greedy mouths during an eating contest. ;) Tonight, my company hosted a small hot dog eating contest. By small, I mean around 16 people in total: 5 eaters, 5 counters, 5 onlookers, and 1 official timekeeper. It takes a village, you guys . . .

And in answer to your unasked question, yes, I did take part! I was the sole women's representative & didn't bring shame upon my sex. My 5.5 hot dogs (in 15 minutes) earned me 4th place - 2.5 dogs behind the 3rd place contestant & 0.5 dogs ahead of the loser.

Plus, I won the two contests that I made up! I was the first one to eat after the contest ended, chowing down on a slice of watermelon not ten minutes after shoving the last hot dog in my mouth. AND, I was the loudest belcher, letting out two or three good ones during the contest itself. Mum & Dad - you must be so proud of me right now! :)


londongirl said...

as you say, your parents must be so proud.

But don't get too competitive on the hot dog eating. The previous world hot dog eating champion has now got arthritis in his jaw and can hardly open it!

Drama Queen said...

Wow 5.5 hotdogs. Not bad at all!

Stacey said...

LG - They are quite proud. ;)

I did hear that about the hot dog eating champ. Nerd that I am, I googled hot dog eating competitions and learned a fair amount prior to my own debut. ;)

DQ - Thanks! I probably could have hit 6, but I decided to enjoy a beer while competing and mustard on my dogs. I figured I was in it for fun and eating hot dogs w/o beer and mustard wasn't much fun!