Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sundays are for Scheming

I think what I was going for in the title was that I often do a lot of plotting & planning for stuff on weekends.  Like yesterday, when Justin and I hung out in the little area behind the hammock and planned out a woodland garden (with lilies-of-the-valley! and ferns! and hostas! and forsythia or lilacs or blueberry bushes or hydrangeas! still not sure on that last one.).

And today, when I sharpie-d a black tattoo on my wrist to test it out.  You may remember from this tattoo post that we were considering this design:
It's our first initials (JS) in Old English runes.  We liked it, but Justin wasn't as sold as I was and we both like the idea of three characters instead.  So, mine would be this:
 His initials (JMF).  And his would be this:
 My initials (SAF).  We're still going to test & ponder them for awhile (the aim is to get them for our 2nd wedding anniversary in June), but so far, these are definitely the winners.  What do you think?

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