Thursday, March 08, 2012

UE at the BPL

I went to an information session tonight at the Boston Public Library, for applicants and "offer holders" (a.k.a. accepted students in fancy British talk) of the University of Edinburgh.

Now.  I am not either one of these things, yet.  But I contacted the guy from the International Office because I just wanted to go and he said it was fine.  I felt a bit of a fraud, but didn't really care.

It was an interesting presentation and afterwards, I ended up cornering one of the alumni they had there to answer questions.  She was a lovely girl from just outside London who'd done her masters in history at UE and I peppered her with questions, poor girl.  She was very patient, though, and we chatted until the library staff had taken away all the snacks.

I snapped this photo of the staircase of the gorgeous McKim Building on the way out the door.  I'm glad I went, even though I won't be even thinking of applying for a postgraduate program for a couple of years yet.  But it's coming (I hope).  

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