Saturday, March 10, 2012

No Place Like Home . . .

Between work, errands, and random commitments (like the Pub Night at one of my museums last night and the University of Edinburgh info session on Thursday), it's been a busy week!  Justin has drill this weekend, but I have absolutely nothing scheduled today or tomorrow.  It's pure bliss.

I got up around 10:30, let the dog out, made coffee & cereal, and am now hanging out on the couch in my pjs. I won't be so lazy all day - the dog wants a walk & I have some projects around the house to get to - but it's awfully nice for now.

The photo above is the very couch I'm sitting on now, but more importantly, our new living room rug!  We got it at the New Haven IKEA a few weeks ago and I just put it down on Wednesday night.  Apparently, because it's a thick, nubbly jute, it can leave a pattern impressed into your wood floors (or so the internet tells us).  Eeek!  We got a anti-slip rug underlay when we bought it, but I wanted more insurance, so I bought a big piece of felt this week and cut it to fit underneath.  We love the rug and so does the puppy (also pictured above).

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