Sunday, March 18, 2012

Unseasonably Awesome

So how about this unseasonable weather?  How great is a 70+ degree day in March?  And how much better is a whole bunch of them?

We had a pretty good weekend here at the house.  We were both home and had no obligations*, which is rare.  Sleeping in was accomplished on both days, as were a number of lazy meals on the newly-revamped porch.  We managed to do various projects around the yard & house (including putting up a hammock, which I will post pics of soon).  The puppy accompanied us on a 6 mile walk/hike on Saturday and a 2¼ mile walk today.  And, as mentioned last night, we also went out to a yummy dinner at The Haven.

Today, we managed the hat trick of having all three meals on the porch & all three were accompanied by appropriate cocktails.  So, a three-fer of photos today (sorry they're not all photographed from the same angle).  Enjoy.

Breakfast: pumpkin pancakes with warm maple syrup and coffee with Bailey's. 

Late lunch: Lean Cuisine meals with chicken & pasta and cranberry cocktails (Justin - gin, tonic, cranberry juice, splash of lemon juice; me - vodka, tonic, cranberry juice, splash of lemon juice)

Dinner - a sauteed mix of quinoa, black beans, egg, tomato, garlic, onion & carrot and Sam Adams Boston Lager and Alpine Spring

*except for a couple of hours of work for one of my museums and submitting our taxes!  But we got all that done in addition to the pleasurable things.

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