Monday, February 06, 2012

Selected Stigmata

I've got tattoos on the brain lately, which you can see by the image files on my laptop above.  That hasn't happened in over a decade.  The last time a tattoo needle touched my skin, I was 19 and a freshman in college.  That session lead to my least favorite tattoo (a hot rod on my left hip), for which I've been pondering a cover-up for the better part of five years.  I'd show you a picture of it, but I'd rather wait for a "before & after" once I get the cover-up work done.

On the other side of the regret/love tattoo coin, below is the Scottish thistle I got on my lower back when I was 18 and still love just as fiercely today.  I see it a bit less now, though, since I made the old-lady switch to longer shirts and one-piece bathing suits.

And then there's the tattoo-yet-to-be.  I always wanted a third, but never knew what I wanted.  Justin's always wanted one, but never knew what to get.  We've been talking lately about getting matching ones, perhaps for our second wedding anniversary in June.  Below is the design we're punting around for an inner-wrist tattoo.  It's our first initials ("JS") in Old English runes.  I'm very much in love with it right now, but we'll continue to ponder for the moment.  I took a full year to contemplate the thistle tattoo and just a few months for the hot rod tattoo.  It pays to be patient.

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