Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Burst of Yaller

Yeah, I don't know why I said yellow like that.  That's totally how I said it when I saw these yellow tulips at Trader Joe's this morning, too.  I almost bought Irish daffodils, but decided on the tulips instead.  Justin said, "the Dutch in me agrees."

We still have these forsythia branches on the dining room table, and these yellow & orange guys on my living room end table, but I just had to have these tulips.  So a home was made for them on my bedside table.  Which means I'll only see them for a couple of minutes a day (as I turn out the light), but whatever.  I heart them.

I also just moved this 19th century print of Edinburgh (my 29th birthday gift from Justin) over the bedside table and now I realize it needs to move down a couple of inches.  Regardless, though, I'm digging the bright, fresh flowers paired with the brown frame & sepia print.

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