Thursday, March 01, 2012

Snowy Respite

Well, it's definitely not as bad as last winter, but we got enough snow to cancel a lot of school systems . . . and the museum where I work on Thursdays!  They close based on the local school closings, so I got a text from my boss this morning at 7:16.  "Snow day!," she said, "I'm going to spend the day in my pjs, knitting.  Stay warm."

After texting her back, I went right back to sleep.  I was particularly glad of this snow day, because I'd woken up around 3am with combined back pain, nausea, and congestion.  And then basically had a half-awake panic attack over not being able to lie comfortably and get back to sleep.  Justin comforted me and dosed me with nighttime (a.k.a. sleep-inducing) cold medicine.  I was eventually able to fall back asleep, but was planning on going to work late if the snow didn't save me.

So I slept late, then we had oatmeal & coffee in bed, puttered around the house some, and walked the dog over a mile down the road in the drifting snow.  Now I'm home hanging out while Justin tutors a student.  Not a bad Thursday.

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