Sunday, March 11, 2012

New Space!

OK, not a new space at all, but a newly configured one. After a very lazy day yesterday (I didn't even end up showering or walking the dog), I was super productive today!  I still slept in, but once I was up, I:
  • let the pup outside to enjoy the warm backyard
  • showered (and even shaved my legs)
  • made oatmeal & coffee for breakfast, then cleaned the bistro table on the porch so I could eat out there
  • walked the dog 1½ miles (what a lovely sunny day!)
  • wrote my monthly report for tomorrow night's Board meeting, from the Adirondack chair on the porch
  • did two loads of laundry
  • played around with a few arrangements for the gallery wall in the dining room, then decided to hold off until I've painted two of the new frames
And when Justin got home from drill, I was stitching together the three cushions that came with our storage bench on the porch to make one cushion that fits the entire length of the bench. They were sliding around too much on their own, and the stitching seems to be working better. I bought some red burlap last week and am planning to cover the whole long cushion in that, as well (it's just folded & tucked around the cushion in the photos here).

Next, while Justin was relaxing a bit, I moved everything off the porch, swept the floor, and laid down the sisal rug that our new jute rug had displaced from the living room. Then, on a whim, I called him out to help & we completely rearranged the porch furniture.

We moved the Adirondack chair to the right corner, the bench under the garage window, the woven trunk of potting supplies next to the bench, the shoes underneath the front jalousie windows, and the evergreen tree outside. We also folded up the bistro set (since we don't use it everyday) and leaned it against the back wall. And then we promptly unfolded the set & ate dinner out there! The top photo is how it looked set up for dinner and the bottom two are earlier shots of the whole porch.

The changes were't anything major, but they made the space feel so much roomier - both in size and in homeyness. Plus, I made a neat discovery as I was setting the table up for dinner - the bench works as more seating for the table! They used to be on opposite sides of the porch so we never realized it, but they work perfectly together. As you can see in the top photo, we just used the table, one chair, and the bench for dinner. I got "the booth," as Justin said. Hooray for new/refreshed outdoor spaces!

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