Sunday, November 27, 2011

Here We Go!

Now that our lovely Thanksgiving is over and we're (almost) done with our leftovers, we've moved on to Christmas!  We even watched Elf and enjoyed cinnamon-spiced hot cider on Thursday night.

I haven't broken out all of the Christmas boxes yet, but I did pull out our stockings, some garland, some fake poinsettia blooms, and a bow for our front door wreath.  On Saturday (after hosting Thanksgiving brunch for my high school friends & their significant others & offspring), we headed over to Wagon Wheel Farmstand to participate in Small Business Saturday.  All we had to do was spend $25 and charge it on my American Express card and AmEx would give me a $25 credit on my account.

We spent around $91.  ;)  But, it was all things we were going to get anyways, it was supporting one of our favorite local farmstands, and it was really only $66 after the credit.  We're going to go back for our Christmas tree later, but this time around, we got the small tree above for the porch, two little trees for either side of the fireplace, a 12" front door wreath, and a small wreath (really a candle ring) with some juniper berries and pinecones for the kitchen door.  Then, we went back today to get a 14" wreath for the garden shed door and a new pot for our Christmas cactus, which has outgrown its old pot.  Whew!

I popped a bow we already had on the front door wreath and we tucked the porch tree into a big basket, then adorned it with starfish from the existing porch  decor.  I love it.  Welcome, Christmas 2011!

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