Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Simple Pleasures

I got home from a Board meeting last night a little after 9:30 and wanted nothing more than to crawl into bed with a laptop, a puppy, and a husband.  And because I'm a lucky girl, I could!  After a couple of hours of blog surfing, though, I was way too sleepy to actually post my photo of the scene.  Here it is today, though.

After a nice breakfast & visit with my parents & Thing 2 this morning, we took a few minutes to start planning our new laminate kitchen floor.  You might remember that we bought the flooring back in November?  Well, this Monday we have the day off for President's Day and we might finally get to this project.  In preparation, we had a fun time laying one box of planks out on the floor to see which direction we wanted them to go.

We also found out from my mum that the insanely-patterned linoleum we're covering up is original to the house.  As in, has been there since 1934!  I'm glad we're not ripping up, but just using it as the new sub floor.  Now, let's keep our fingers crossed that we can actually get this done on Monday.

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