Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Flowers from My Valentine!

Above is the lovely bouquet Justin got me for Valentine's Day this year.  He actually bought them on Monday (Trader Joe's, man.  Is there anything they don't do well?) and sneakily hid them in plain sight on my desk in the guest room.  He was thinking that I would either wander in at some point & catch sight of them or just see them when I sat down to work at my desk on Tuesday.

In the end, I was showing my mum the new office-y arrangement that we did a few weeks ago & let out a (small) cry of surprise when I saw them.  Then, I called him upstairs & smooched him.

P.S.  We didn't do cards or non-perishable gifts this year, as we're going away this weekend to upstate New York for this awesomeness.

P.P.S.  Taking photos of our dining room always reminds me how much I still love our table & pendant light.  And of how much awesomer the room will look once the walls look more like this.

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