Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Interesting Only to Me

I know, I know.  With all of the home improvement stuff, it's like Hodoeporicon is turning into a shelter blog.  Don't worry - that's not the case, but I do seem to spend many of my days doing things to spruce up the house.  When we moved in, my grandparents' 1934 Cape was in pretty good shape, but certain things needed repairing or replacing.  And of course, we had to assert our own style, which has done wonders for making the house feel like our home and not just the place I visited every week when I was growing up.

Because we both love to cook, I moved the kitchen table out of the kitchen months ago, and moved the fridge back in from the pantry to create a better work triangle.  We were using an older wooden kitchen island (that needs some sanding and refinishing work), but bought a new kitchen cart a few weeks ago.  It arrived, we finished assembling it on Sunday, and here it is!

(And yes, that awesomely crazy linoleum is next on the list.  We have four boxes of IKEA's Tundra laminate flooring (in "antique") chilling under our dresser to be installed in the calmer days after Thanksgiving.)

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